Jaw Surgery: Post Operative Instructions

Following these instructions will help you to feel better and recover faster after your jaws have been wired. Please read them carefully and ask questions about anything you do not understand.

1. It is recommended that you sleep with your head on two or three pillows. This helps to decrease the swelling in your face and also will make it easier for you to breathe.

2. Avoid doing anything that requires heavy lifting, pushing or straining while your jaws are wired together.

3. Do not try to work you jaw back and forth against the wires. This will loosen the wires and teeth and prevent the bones from healing.

4. Avoid water related activities such as swimming and water-skiing while your jaws are wired because its hard to clear water out of your nose and airway.

5. Do not drink alcoholic beverages while your jaws are wired.

6. Elastics that are hooked to the wires on your upper and lower teeth hold your jaws together. Over time elastics can loosen, fall off or break. Losing a few elastics is not a problem as long as you cannot open the mouth. If you find that you are able to open your mouth due to loss of elastics, keep your teeth together and call the office so we can add more elastics.

7. Use saline nasal spray as frequently as necessary to help keep your nose clear.