Pre-Registered Quiz Links & Videos

Please make sure you have already registered for the courses prior to taking the quizzes. The quiz links below are only for those who have previously paid for the courses.  If you take the quiz and have not paid, you will not receive the credits until it is paid. If you need to register for any of the courses, please click on the registration link below. These links may also be used to retake a quiz if you used a registration link that included the test and you did not pass. 



* Both the child abuse and pain management/opioids courses are a requirement every two years in order to renew your professional dental license as well as all other health-related licensees.

** These courses must be taken together and fulfill at least two hours of Board-approved continuing education in pain management, the identification of addiction or in the practices of prescribing or dispensing of opioids as a condition of renewal and mandatory if you hold a DEA license. Mandatory courses must be taken between April 2021 – March 2023. if you are a dentist, EFDA or hygienist. If your license is from a different board, be sure you took these courses within this renewal period.